“We need a full-blown investigation into who was behind the campaign to smear the PIC”

The fact that the allegations against the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Investment Corporation, Dr Dan Majila, have been found to be baseless and that he has been cleared of any wrongdoing is welcome, but it should be the beginning, not the end, of this matter.
A person using what appears to be a pseudonym, “James Nogu”, and using what appears to be a fake e-mail address, “corruptionstop@webmail.co.za”, is believed to have circulated an e-mail, with the subject line “PIC CEO FUNDS GIRLFRIEND”, claiming to have “uncovered a corrupt relationship between Dr Dan Majila and his girlfriend Miss Pretty Louw”.
This was not the first, and is unlikely to be the last, smear campaign by people who are desperate to get their hands on the R1.87 trillion managed by the Public Investment Corporation.
I will, therefore, be writing to the Deputy-Minster of Finance, Sifiso Buthelezi, who is the Chairperson of the Public Investment Corporation, requesting him to launch a full-blown investigation to determine:
• who was behind the smear campaign;
• whether the person, or persons, behind the smear campaign can be charged with a criminal offence; and
• whether there would be grounds to lodge a civil claim for damages against the person, or persons, behind the smear campaign.
We have to ensure the integrity of the Public Investment Corporation is protected and that it does not become an “ATM” for the politically connected in South Africa.