Ten affordable housing projects coming to Cape Town!

Cape Town residents will be happy to know that ten City-owned sites in the city centre – Salt River and Woodstock – will be developed into affordable housing opportunities for those who need it most.
Cape Town’s population has increased by 56% between 1996 and 2016, and this trend is set to continue. The City of Cape Town estimates that approximately 650 000 families earning less than R13 000 a month will rely on the City for housing assistance between now and 2032.
Three of these sites have already been allocated to social housing institutions. The statutory land-use applications are under way and construction is expected to start in due course.
The City has also identified five City-owned land parcels for the development of affordable housing opportunities in Salt River, Woodstock, and the inner-city.

The precinct-led development in Woodstock and Salt River is a pivotal introduction to a customer-centric approach to housing delivery. It is a new way of doing business which we will apply in all of the other precincts where we intend to provide affordable and inclusionary housing on City-owned land.
– Councillor Brett Herron

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4000 lower-income families to benefit from CPT inner-city social housing

The DA-run City of Cape Town has identified 11 City-owned sites, all less than 5km away from the Cape Town central business district (CBD), for affordable housing developments, providing over 4000 lower-income families with the opportunity to live on well-located land close to work opportunities and public transport.
The City is determined to stop urban sprawl, reverse apartheid spatial planning, and build integrated communities that celebrate our diversity and cultures. Despite income disparities and exorbitant land prices, the City of Cape Town will demonstrate that all income groups can live in the inner city by leveraging City-owned land to build integration in the urban core.
In fulfilling the City of Cape Town’s vision and commitment of redressing the imbalances of the past, these developments will bring people closer to economic development and provide affordable housing located close to public transport corridors.

This is a major turning point for Cape Town that will pave the way for building more vibrant, integrated and sustainable communities.
– Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille

The 11 affordable housing developments are located at the following sites: