ANC absenteeism means more delays on Whistle-blower Bill in the NCOP

For the second time, the ANC has been unable to pass its own legislation in the Select Committee on Security and Justice today due to a lack of quorum.
The approval of the Protected Disclosures Amendment Bill was postponed from 23 February 2017 to today, purely because the ANC did not have the required quorum of 6 members present to pass the Bill.
Today, when it became clear that the ANC would again have no quorum, the item was again removed from the agenda of the meeting without any reasons given.
The DA objects to section 9B of the Bill on the grounds that it may serve as a deterrent for possible whistle-blowers in the future. This view is shared by organisations such as Whistle-blowers International, Corruption Watch and Open Democracy.
It is the duty of the opposition to ensure that possibly problematic provisions in proposed legislation do not get passed, not to pass such legislation on behalf of the government.
The inability of the ANC to reach a quorum to pass their own legislation is a clear indication that they have lost the will to govern and no longer respect the parliamentary process.