Government condones Russian aggression in East Ukraine by being silent

Please find an a attached soundbite by Darren Bergman MP

The DA condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine under the guise of keeping peace, security and stability.

Latest reports indicate that Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops at the Ukrainian border, an act of military aggression that might start a major armed conflict.

The DA is appalled by the ongoing silence from the ANC government on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

In a reply to a DA parliamentary question received today, regarding the government’s approach to the situation, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, chose to wax poetic on South Africa’s “Diplomacy of Ubuntu” instead of condemning the Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

The continued silence by the South African government on this matter can only be viewed as the ANC condoning and enabling the Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine.

A price of a full-scale war in Ukraine would be too high a price to pay – not only for Europe but for the rest of the world. The ANC government, therefore, cannot continue to hide behind past loyalties, it must use its place at the table to enter diplomatic waters deliberately and decisively.