DA wins both Mayor and Speaker positions in Fezile Dabi District Municipality and is ready to get things done

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Free State is pleased to announce that Councillor Dennis Khasudi and Councillor Sidney Pittaway has been elected as Executive Mayor and Speaker respectively of the Council of the Fezile Dabi District Municipality.

Both positions won election to office today at the inaugural meeting of Council after being supported by the councillors of other opposition parties.

As no coalition agreement or co-governing arrangement or agreement were in place before the election, we are deeply aware that the election to office sends a clear message that opposition parties in the Fezile Dabi District Municipality agreed that in order to improve the services rendered by the municipality, a change in political leadership was desperately necessary.

Our office bearers will strive to establish an administration earmarked by sound financial management, honest and clean government and the delivery of good services to all communities.