Vote for the only party that gets things done. Vote DA!

The following speech was delivered today at the DA ‘Get Things Done’ Closing Rally at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Johannesburg. 

My fellow Democrats, fellow citizens,

Welcome, and thank you for coming out here today to Mary Fitzgerald Square in beautiful Johannesburg for the DA’s “Get Things Done” rally – our final national rally before we go to the polls to vote next Monday.

We still have just over a week left to reach even more people and persuade them to put their trust in the only party that has shown it has what it takes to save our towns and cities.

The only party that can say, with complete honesty: We Get Things Done!

The full speech can be accessed here.

Other speeches from today’s rally can be downloaded below: 

Dr Ivan Meyer – DA Federal Chairperson (Vote for the DA to end suffering in your municipality)

Siviwe Gwarube – DA National Spokesperson (The DA changes lives for the better where we govern

Cilliers Brink – DA Spokesperson (We can get things fixed! But you have you vote DA)

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