Get on the DA’s battle bus to get more done in Cape Town!

Please find attached soundbites in English and Afrikaans by Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) today launched the #GHLforMayor battle bus in Delft. With two weeks to go in this election, the final push has begun.

Over the coming weeks, the DA’s mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, will use this bus to criss-cross Cape Town as we take the DA’s election message to each and every community. We will visit every corner of the city again, this time bringing with us the sound and excitement of our campaign bus.

Cape Town is already the best city in South Africa. Cape Town works because it is DA governed.

But all of the progress we’ve made in Cape Town will be ruined if the ANC is allowed to win Cape Town again, with the help of dozens of small parties that have popped up in Cape Town to help smuggle the ANC back into power.

As our battle bus will help demonstrate to residents across Cape Town, the DA’s blue wave is gathering momentum and only the DA is big enough to keep the ANC out. Now is the time to unite more strongly than ever before behind the DA, so that we can make our communities safer, end load shedding, and protect Cape Town from the collapse of the national government.

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