The IEC’s political party funding report is hopelessly inadequate

Please find an attached soundbite by Dr Dion George 

The DA notes the first quarter disclosure report from the IEC in terms of the Political Party Funding Act.

When the legislation was signed into law, the DA stated that it would fully comply although it did not support the legislation.

The IEC’s report is hopelessly inadequate.

Although it mentions parties that indicated they have nothing to declare or did not respond to their reminders, it fails to name them. This clearly indicates that the IEC is incapable of implementing the legislation.

If the purpose of the legislation is to ensure transparency, then it must list those parties who did not receive donations above the maximum threshold and those that ignored their communication. It should withhold payments from the Represented Political Party Fund from these parties.

The IEC must also take active steps to ensure that nil declarations are correct. It can easily do this by inspecting the financial records of those parties. The purpose of the Act is purportedly to promote transparency in the donor funding to parties and the IEC has failed at its first attempt. It needs to try harder, otherwise it might find a reluctance from compliant parties to report in future.

Donors recognise that money gifted to the DA is well spent. The DA is the only party strong enough to hold the ANC to account, through the courts if necessary, when they attack the very foundations of our still fragile democracy. That is why the DA has outperformed every other party in donor disclosure numbers.

The DA gets things done, and donors know it.

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