New blood elected to lead the DA Abroad

The international ancillary of the DA, the DA Abroad, has elected new experienced leadership:

  • DA Abroad Leader – Ludré Stevens

Ludré is a former leader and founding member of the DA Abroad. He is an entrepreneur living and working in the United Kingdom (UK) and his prior experience in the role will allow him to navigate the distractions and focus on the projects that will add the most value.

  • Chairperson: DA Abroad Global Council – Kate Lorimer

Kate, a former DA MPL from Gauteng and member of the DA Federal Executive, brings a wealth of on-the-ground political experience to the international body. She has recently emigrated to the UK.

  • DA Abroad Finance Chairperson – Neville Marshall

Neville offers experience in finance, business and compliance and was involved in setting up the DA Abroad. He is based in Guernsey and London.

The new leadership team takes over from Rory Jubber (Leader), who has put the DA Abroad on the map as a body that has the ability to network and lobby internationally on critical issues affecting South Africa; Nigel Bruce (Chairperson), former News Editor and DA MP, whose wise guidance kept the organisation stable and on-track; and Gareth Bloor (Finance Chairperson), whose political and business experience was an invaluable resource.

The new team has committed to the following programme of action to protect the constitutional rights of South African citizens abroad:

  • Launch a DA Abroad Report Card on South African Embassies, Consulates and Missions abroad to advocate for better service delivery to South Africans overseas.
  • Lobby foreign governments and political parties to recognise the dangers of Expropriation Without Compensation and support the DA in their fight against it.
  • Continue the DA fight in the courts against the unfair loss of citizenship for South Africans abroad.
  • Conduct a listening tour among DA Abroad members, supporters, volunteers and other stakeholders in order to update the roadmap to Election 2024.

The DA Abroad can show, through highlighting important issues and lobbying those who can amplify the cause, that no matter who we are, where we come from, where we are and where we are going, we have a common vision for South Africa that we can all strive for together.

A vision of a united nation that recognises the inequalities of the past, reconciles the divisions between communities, celebrates the joys of our diversity and effectively delivers inclusive services and opportunities to all South Africans.