DA stands ready for our biggest Registration Weekend effort ever

Please find attached soundbite by DA Leader, John Steenhuisen MP.

The DA is ready for Voter Registration Weekend.

Our party is prepared, our structures are energised and across South Africa we stand ready to help and assist voters to Register and Re-register.

Thousands of DA activists, public representatives, leaders and staff are ready to hit the ground early tomorrow morning as voting stations open. We will be present and ready in our numbers to welcome voters to voting stations.

For the first time in the DA’s history, we have fielded a candidate in every ward across the country. This is a significant symbol of our complete national footprint.

Having a DA candidate in every Ward also means that for the very first time, in this Voter Registration Weekend, a DA councillor candidate will be available to voters in every Ward of South Africa to help and assist them to register correctly.

All across the country, DA leadership, mayoral candidates, councillors and activists will be out in force to encourage South Africans to check their voter registration status. This makes our effort this weekend the biggest in our party’s history. I am proud to lead this growing party into the field this weekend, to get the job done.

While other parties were scrambling to submit candidates to the IEC after advocating to postpone the elections, only the DA has been fighting for the right of every South African to cast their vote.

We, therefore, urge South Africans to not let this opportunity to register to go to waste. To see change come after this Election, to elect a government that gets things done, you must be registered to vote.

For South Africans to be liberated from the ANC’s suffocating stranglehold on local governments, you must be registered to vote.

Where the DA governs, it is simply unquestionable that things get done, government works, delivery improves, jobs are created and life gets better. Only DA governments care about you and your future.

The DA is ready for Voter Registration Weekend, and we call on all voters to be ready too.

Local Government Elections are coming up in 2021! Visit check.da.org.za to check your voter registration status.