ANC Mayoral Candidates remain in hiding

Please find attached a soundbite by Natasha Mazzone MP.

The ANC’s hiding of its Mayoral Candidates shows that the party takes voters for granted.

Openly presenting candidates, after rigorous internal selection processes, takes voters into the confidence of a party and presents voters a clear and unambiguous choice.

What does the ANC have to hide?

We note that ANC Deputy President David Mabuza yesterday suggested that its mayoral candidates may be announced after the election, but this is clearly a grave misunderstanding of how elections work, by Mr Mabuza.

It cannot be that infighting within the ANC is so bad, that South Africans have to play a guessing game when casting their ballots. Once again, the ANC is putting the ANC before the country.

Surely the ANC wants to contest these elections, and come out of hiding?

The DA issues a formal challenge to the ANC: Come out of hiding, name your mayoral candidates, and stop putting your party divisions ahead of honesty to voters.

As the only party with a candidate in every ward, and the only party that can beat the ANC and challenge for power across South Africa, the DA is ready to go toe-to-toe with ANC candidates, if only they would come out of hiding.

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