NYDA selection process: Parliament dare not fail young South Africans  

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) application process closed recently. As this process restarts, the DA calls for a fair process that will prioritise all young South Africans and one that won’t favour political patronage and connections over talented young South Africans who want to build their country.

Last year’s selection process was riddled with controversy when a letter believed to be from the ANC Youth League task team, was forwarded with a list of preferred candidates. We hope that the culture of installing politically linked individuals has been wiped out, and that Parliament will stand firm as a vanguard to ensure that this process is transparent, fair, and based on merit.

The politicisation of the NYDA has to stop. With increasingly high unemployment amongst young people coupled with a lack of skills, they desperately need a NYDA that works. This is something we can no longer wait for but needs to be fought for.

The DA will fight vigorously during the shortlisting and interview process to stop cadre deployment in its tracks. Historically, the NYDA has been used as a graduate school for cadres and those who are politically connected.

The ANCYL has been the main beneficiary of cadre deployment in the NYDA. They have continued to benefit while the majority of young people remain left behind and unable to advance. The ANCYL owes young people an apology for the destruction of the NYDA for all these years.

As we head into this process, the DA will continue the fight to overhaul the NYDA of cadre deployment and political patronage. We wish all young people who have applied well as all efforts are required to help us fight youth unemployment amongst young South Africans.

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