DA calls on Ramaphosa to rebuke Zuma’s latest attack on Judiciary

The DA condemns former President Jacob Zuma’s latest attack on the Judiciary. In a statement issued late last night, he warned of a “judicial dictatorship” emerging and he also appeared to encourage South Africans to rise up against “judicial corruption”.

We call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to clearly and emphatically state whether he and his party, the ANC, support Zuma’s attempts to discredit the Judiciary and the Zondo Commission of Inquiry. Any further silence from President Ramaphosa could well be construed as support of Zuma’s disregard for the Judiciary and the rule of law.

In his statement, Zuma also indicated that he would not subject himself to “an oppressive and unjust court system”. This is ridiculous given that he has had numerous opportunities to follow the rule of law by either testifying before the Commission or by participating in yesterday’s court proceedings. He chose not to and instead sought to threaten the credibility of one of the basic pillars on which the Constitution was built.

President Ramaphosa now has an opportunity to show the nation where he and his party stands. A failure to do so will lead to the ineluctable conclusion that the President and his party do not stand for the rule of law.

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