Law enforcement must use new powers to act against Zondo Commission duffel bag-testimonies

The explosive testimonies of former security personnel and drivers of Ministers and State-owned Enterprises (SOE) Executives paints a picture of a ruling elite’s utter contempt for those they are meant to serve.

Three security officers told the Zondo Commission on Thursday, how former Eskom and Transnet CEO Brian Molefe, former Minister Malusi Gigaba, former Transnet CFO Anoj Singh and former Transnet CEO Siyabonga Gama would often visit the Gupta compound at Saxonwold and then leave with duffel bags stuffed with R200 notes.

Now that the NPA has access to this information directly, and no longer has to wait for the completion of the processes of the Commission, they must act, and act immediately. These flagrant excesses cannot go unpunished any longer, and the NPA needs to demonstrate now, not later, that there are serious consequences to be faced for this type of disregard for the law.  These people need to be prosecuted, and if convicted, sentenced harshly.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) supported Batohi’s appointment two years ago in the belief that she would ensure that justice would be served upon all manner of criminals, but especially those looters and state capturers who are so sure that they would never face the consequences of their despicable actions. It is now time for action, words will no longer suffice.

It is now time the Hawks, the NPA and other law enforcement agencies use their new-found powers that allow them to use evidence given before the Zondo Commission to launch an offence against all individuals who contributed to the country’s capture.

It is a travesty that they are allowed to live free and in luxury, on the proceeds of crime, while law-abiding citizens are stuck with criminal records due to nonsensical Covid-19 lockdown regulations or dying of hunger as a direct consequence of these Gupta-captured cadres’ actions.

It is time to see action being taken against the likes of Molefe, Gigaba and Co over these allegations levelled against them.

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