ANC once again proves that GBV is not a top priority

The postponement of the ANC’s Virtual Men’s Dialogue is yet another reminder of the poor leadership we have come to witness from the ANC as it relates to Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF).

Information on the reasons for the postponement of the dialogue or an explanation is non-existent and sends a clear message to South African men and womxn that the ANC is incapable of implementing its mandate to protect womxn and continues to let the country down when it comes to the serious issue of GBVF.

Many men and womxn were awaiting this dialogue to get a better understanding of the governing party’s commitment to ending this scourge.

The lack of urgency by the ANC government to tackle issues around GBVF and dismantling patriarchy is evident when they cannot even follow through on their own programmes.

The DA will continue to hold the ANC accountable in all spaces and expose its shortcomings when it comes to the poor handling of the national pandemic of GBVF, especially President Cyril Ramaphosa, a man of many words but very little action.

The ANC thinks that by mentioning GBVF in statements and speeches, it will give a false perception that it is a priority. All this while they continue to allow patriarchy to breed in their own ranks. The ANC will fool South Africans into thinking that it is their mandate to take issues of GBVF forward through programmes and legislation but they will postpone dialogues and drag their feet to bring legislation to Parliament.

Speaking about issues with no plan of implementation is useless and serves no purpose in tackling the challenges around GBVF. The ANC will continue to fail the womxn and children of South Africa and must be held accountable for its continued failure.

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