The DA launches Covid -19 corruption hotline

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has today launched a dedicated Covid – 19 Corruption Hotline, where members of the public can blow the whistle on corrupt activities committed by public office bearers and law enforcement officials relating to the enforcement of Covid-19 measures or the distribution of relief.

The DA Covid-19 Corruption hotline will allow the public a safe and anonymous space to report incidents of graft related to the distribution of food parcels, and can also be utilised to report law enforcement officers or members of the defence force who are involved in fraud and bribery.

We have selected a team of parliamentarians, who are experts in the fields of justice and security, who will oversee the hotline and advise the public on all complaints received.

Covid-19 social relief has been put in place because the pandemic has created a greater need for supplies and services to be redirected towards meeting the needs of poor South Africans. However, some people will and have used this opportunity for self-enrichment at the expense of the state and the poor during this national disaster

The DA encourages the public to make use of this hotline by sending an email to

We cannot allow greed and corruption to divert critical resources that are desperately needed by the poor, nor can we allow for law enforcement officials to take advantage of South Africans during this time.

The challenge against corruption and greed during this unprecedented time will require all stakeholders, together with members of the public, to be vigilant and work together to hold perpetrators accountable.