Independent investigator will test City of Cape Town allegations appropriately

The City of Cape Town Council met today to decide on possible suspensions based on allegations levelled against certain individuals within the City of Cape Town. The allegations that have been made are currently being investigated by a totally independent investigator, without fear or favour.
The DA takes this matter extremely seriously. It is vital that the investigation is allowed to run its course and that we do not prejudge its outcome. Once the report is ready, by no later than 29 December 2017, it will be presented to Council.
We reiterate our call for all those who have the City and the DA’s best interests at heart to support and co-operate the investigation into the specific allegations of maladministration.
We will also take steps to ensure that this matter does not disrupt the good work that the City of Cape Town is doing to alleviate the current water crisis and that it will continue to deliver quality services to the people.
We have every confidence that the independent investigator will test the allegations and that, if evidence of wrongdoing is found, the Council will deal decisively with the individuals or institutions concerned.