DA disappointed by further delays in charging Jacob Zuma

 Please find the attached correspondence from Shaun Abrahams here.
The DA is disappointed but not at all surprised by yet more delaying tactics in the case against President Jacob Zuma on 783 counts of fraud, corruption, money-laundering and racketeering against him.
In the first place, one wonders whether Shaun Abrahams is in a position to grant Mr Zuma an extension until 31 January 2018 to submit representations as to why he should not be charged, given the decision last week by the High Court in Pretoria that Abrahams must vacate his position as National Director of Public Prosecutions.
Assuming he is in a position to do so, these charges are the very same ones put to Mr Zuma in 2007. This case is not complex and the only thing that has changed is the effluxion of time, which is very much a matter of Zuma’s own making.
The DA is also disappointed that Abrahams still refuses to treat Mr Zuma like any other accused. In the normal course of justice, the accused would be charged before a court of law and only then given the opportunity to make representations. However, Mr Zuma continues to receive special treatment and is yet to be charged like any other citizen.
Finally, as we have pointed out exhaustively in our submissions to numerous courts throughout the eight and a half years we have fought to bring Mr Zuma to justice, it is not for the prosecutors, however diligent, to decide if Mr Zuma has a case to answer. This decision must be made by a trial court, and the trial court must decide whether any evidence is inadmissible.
The long history of delaying tactics and obfuscation continue, but the DA remains committed to ensuring Mr Zuma has his day in court.