DA calls for SASSA-SAPO agreement to be tabled in Parliament

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the signing of the services agreement between the South Africa Social Security Authority (SASSA) and the South Africa Postal Service that will facilitate the implementation of a new social grants payment system from 1 April 2018.
It is very encouraging that the proposed hybrid model will also involve the use of payment platforms incorporating banks, commercial retailers and small businesses. We welcome the phasing out of cash payments and the building of an inclusive financial system.
The DA now calls on SASSA and the IMC to table the agreement in Parliament in order to give Members an opportunity to interrogate the feasibility of the proposed timelines and cost estimates. There can be no more delays and obstruction by SASSA and Social Development officials.
Parliament has an obligation to ensure that any agreement reached between SASSA and SAPO is feasible and will not inconvenience millions of South Africans who depend on social grants.
Minister Bathabile Dlamini’s attempts to stonewall the negotiations between SAPO and SASSA have yet again exposed her inability to effectively lead the Department of Social Development.
The deal would have been set up far sooner were it not for Dlamini dragging her feet, prioritizing political campaigning while putting the livelihoods of millions at risk, in all likelihood for her own personal gain. This suspicion is enforced by the fact that she did not attend this morning’s landmark announcement.
The DA will ensure that Parliament plays an effective oversight role over the implementation of the deal. Social grant beneficiaries must continue to receive their grants without any disruption.

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