‘State Protector’ Busisiwe Mkhwebane absolves David Mahlobo

The DA is disappointed but hardly surprised that the Public Protector, Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane, has absolved former Minister of State Security, David Mahlobo, for lying to Parliament despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence to the contrary.
I had reported Mahlobo to the Public Protector on 18 November 2016 for violating the Executive Members Ethics Act by deliberately misleading Parliament about his relationship with #feesmustfall student leader, Mcebo Dlamini. Now, almost a year later and 11 months overdue, Adv. Mkhwebane has finally cleared Mahlobo.
In her final report, Mahlobo’s lie is laid bare. Section 5.1.3. states that:
“[Mahlobo’s] response [at a seminar organised by the Institute for Security Studies on 14 November 2016] was: “…and I happen to know Mcebo [Dlamini]. He has been to my house several times…’ ”
Yet, section 5.1.6. states that:
“[Mahlobo’s] response [to an oral question posed by DA MP Belinda Bozzoli in the National Assembly on 16 November 2016] was, ‘…Mcebo Dlamini has not been to my house.’ ”
Mahlobo’s lie is blatant and obvious for all to see.
Nevertheless, Adv. Mkhwebane has bent over backwards to absolve Mahlobo by noting that he “never intended to mislead Parliament” and that “[t]he context of the question asked by Prof Bozzoli and Minister Mahlobo’s response in the National Assembly favours an interpretation that it related specifically to whether Mr Dlamini met with him at his residence to discuss the student protests.”
The ‘State Protector’ is playing desperate word games to absolve Mahlobo from his clear violation the Executive Ethics Code. Parliament cannot fulfil its oversight mandate if members of the Executive are not held accountable.