South Africans are ready for a New Beginning

The failure of the motions of no confidence in Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) show the strength of the coalition governments in those cities. Our coalitions in these metros have withstood the ANC’s efforts to unseat us.
Today we have shown the country the unity of purpose in liberating South Africa from the oppression of corruption and giving the country a fresh start with a new government.
Along with the Metsimaholo by-election results, it is clear that the ANC is dead and the future of South Africa is only safe in the hands of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Opposition Parties committed to fighting corruption and building a better country.
The advancement and realignment of South Africa’s Constitutional Democracy is in the making, where citizens reject an established liberation movement for new ideas and a caring coalition government to take them into the future.
It is important that we thank the Political Parties that voted for Mayors Mashaba and Trollip to continue making progress and changing the lives of millions of South Africans.
Thousands of South Africans in Johannesburg and NMB came out to show their support for the good work of Mayors Herman Mashaba and Athol Trollip and the Speakers of the respective Councils, Vasco da Gama and Jonathan Lawack.
Mayors Mashaba and Trollip will now get back to working day and night until every resident of Johannesburg and NMB knows and feels that their government is working for them and with them.
In the last 18 months, the Johannesburg and NMB administrations have delivered quality services, acted on cases of corruption and created much-needed job opportunities. More has been done in this period than in the last 10 years.
When we campaigned for change, we were very clear about what we are going to achieve and that if we do not deliver in the first five-year term, the people have every right to vote us out. Governing is not a right but a privilege bestowed upon us by the people.
We will not allow our opponents, who thrive on lies, corruption and disdain for the people of South Africa, to distract us from serving with humility.
The motions of no confidence in Johannesburg and NMB were nothing more than a ploy by the ANC to regain control of public money and reverse the good work done in those metros over the last year. The ANC’s priority is not the people, but on looting.
Our work now is to continue making progress for the 18 million South Africans the DA governs across the country and work with the millions of people who are waiting for 2019 to cast their vote to usher in a new beginning.
The work being done where we govern lays down a strong foundation for 2019, when the people of South Africa will vote for a new beginning and a new government led by the DA.