The parasites of State Capture get richer and the poor remain poor

Madam Speaker,
Imagine the shame of a country when the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) announced in October of this year, that the South African Word of the Year was “State Capture”.
The once glorious Rainbow Nation, now sold off, piece by piece, to a certain family and various multinational companies all for the political and financial gain of a few people who were happy to see our beautiful country brought to its knees.
State Capture can only be described as a plan, so demonic in its structure, so intricate in its rollout and so deliberate in its purpose that it is truly one of the greatest heists of all time.
Right under the noses of South Africans, various politicians were being bought off to ensure absolute loyalty to the cause.  These politicians then in turn and per instruction began to purchase certain key role players in various state-owned entities (SOE) and government departments to ensure their absolute loyalty to the cause.
These purchased individuals, now slaves to State Capture, then began the deliberate and systematic breaking up of state-owned entities and various government departments so that this newly created beast could begin gorging on billions and billions of South African Rands.
This beast has now been identified, it has been given a classification and its extinction is now imminent. Those that helped grow this festering, parasitic-filled monster are now also being identified and they will soon learn, first hand, what it means to have the full might of the law thrown at you.
State-owned entities, that should be South Africa’s pride and joy, are now nothing more than shameful shells – their interiors sucked dry by the monster and only their bare bones left holding up their stripped and shaky skeletons.
Not only has this monster cost us the reputation of our country, it has caused a near economic crash of the economy.  When those brave enough to take on the monster were caught by the beasts feeding it, they were systematically set aside and replaced by puppets and willing participants in the mad feeding frenzy.
Downgrade after downgrade, Finance Minister after Finance Minister, board executive after board executive, so the monster continued the devastation, and here we are.  We can safely say that we no longer confront the elephant in the room, but rather the monster that is state capture.
Finally, Parliament showed it’s muscle.  It showed itself not to be a toothless rubberstamping machine that simply went through the motions. Parliament stood up and did what it should – it began to hold the Executive to account.
It took time and it took a lot of work, but finally, a Constitutionally mandated Committee took up the task of being the first line of defence against the monster. Not unlike the Game of Thrones term “winter is coming”, this Committee adopted the term “not on our watch”.
One would imagine that everyone who took the oath of office to serve our country would have been delighted that this committee had taken up the defence of our country.  This was sadly not the case.  Despite numerous attempts to shut down the Inquiry, the Committee fought back, no MP, no State Attorney, no Mickey Mouse militia and certainly no little press conference called by five little men was going to stop us from doing our job.
To say that the revelations that have already come out of the Inquiry are startling, is an understatement.  The scary part is that deep down, we all knew what would be said, but actually hearing people verbalise the atrocities shock us all to the core.
Imagine the shame of a country when Parliament plays out like a sordid soap opera, with a malicious storyline and the bad guys actually being those that should be looking after the people.
Someone asked me over the weekend, “When does the Inquiry finish?” My response, “We have only just got started”.
As we can see from the first part of our three-part Inquiry: Eskom, Denel and Transnet are all linked, the players are all the same, the modus operandi almost identical and the goal always the same.  Those who suffer are the people of South Africa, while the rich get richer. The parasites of State Capture get even richer and the poor remain poor.
As South Africans, we have an absolute right to be outraged.  Our country has been systematically sold off to the highest bidder, without resistance and with no conscious.
We, the people of South Africa have now said NO, it has gone this far, but it will not go any further.
While we fight to regain the lost billions that parasites have taken from our fiscus, at least the tap has been switched off.  Not a move can now be made without us seeing it, investigating it and uncovering every piece of information around it.
The power belongs to this Parliament, we are the voice of 54 million South Africans who are depending on us to defend our country and save it from the parasitic scourge of State Capture. We hold the Executive to account, not the other way around.  We will not be pushed around by a corrupt few, we will honour our oath of office and we will exercise our oversight role, robustly.
This is no easy task, but I call on South Africa to join me as I proudly say, “Bring it on!” If not us, then who? if not now, then when? You want to threaten us, I proudly say, “Bring it on!” You want to run to high office to try and stop us, I proudly say “Bring it on!” “You want to use little henchmen to try and intimidate us, I proudly say, “Bring it on!”. Now is the time that we as South Africans must unite, stand firm and proudly say together “BRING IT ON!”
Now is the time that we as South Africans have OUR spring, now is the time as South African that we rise and at the top of our voices sing “let us live and strive for freedom in South Africa, our land, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika!”.