Mdantsane oversight reveals shocking allegations of ANC councillors selling unoccupied government houses

During an oversight visit to the Mdantsane’s Unit P housing sites in the Buffalo City region, the DA was shocked to find how ANC councillors and municipal officials are allegedly selling unoccupied government housing.
Upon our arrival we were met by a group of concerned residents who shared heart breaking stories of how corrupt ANC councillors and some construction workers selling unoccupied governement houses, denying the rightful owners the opportunity to live in the houses that were supposed to be theirs.
The DA has seen video footage and documents supporting these claims.
We saw rows of abandoned houses which have become dilapidated and in some cases, dumping sites. Every day, for the past 9 years Mdantsane residents have had to look at the empty houses that were supposed to be their homes.
The DA has now resolved to conduct a petition on behalf of the residents of Mdantsane to submit to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements for urgent investigation.
The DA is also gravely concerned that in Potsdam, 154 houses have been vacant since 2013. It is totally unacceptable that 23 years into our new democracy and there has been little to no action by the ANC government to decisively address the backlog of 600 000 houses in the Eastern Cape.
The housing backlog in the Eastern Cape has been further exacerbated by the 258 units across the province that have remained unoccupied for years. This is indicative of a dire state of affairs, and can only be blamed on the ANC’s poor planning which has subsequently resulted in the stalling of housing allocation.
Instead of carrying out their mandate of providing homes to poor South Africans who still don’t know the dignity of owning a home, they are busy looting the state and fighting internal battles.
The ANC’s indifference and the lack of urgency to expedite this process, has led to houses already built being vandalised.
The DA will continue to expose the ANC’s lack of political will to provide proper housing for the poor people of this country and we will continue to fight to provide our people with the dignity they deserve.

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