DA satisfied with court proceedings to review Molefe’s reappointment as Eskom GCEO

The DA is satisfied with yesterday’s court proceedings in the North Gauteng High Court in the review of Mr Brian Molefe’s inexplicable reappointment to Eskom as Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO).
From the proceedings yesterday it became abundantly clear that Mr Molefe did indeed resign as the GCEO of the power utility and that his insistence that he remained an employee is simply unsustainable.
His resignation at the end of 2016 was acknowledged by both Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, and the then Eskom Board. He himself said that he was “stepping down”. Following his resignation, Eskom proceeded to advertise the post of GCEO, and to short-list applicants. Eskom would hardly do so if it imagined that Mr Molefe had not resigned. Mr Molefe went on to get another job – as an honourable Member of Parliament. Finally, following Molefe’s return to the power utility, Eskom announced that he was reinstated as GCEO, therefore confirming that he had in fact resigned.
Molefe’s insistence that his return to Eskom was not a reinstatement but a continuation of his contract is a mockery of the public’s intelligence and a waste of the time of the courts.
All the facts point to Mr Molefe’s contract with Eskom having ceased, meaning that he is not entitled to be reappointed, nor is he entitled to extravagant pension benefits, whether R11 million or more. Indeed, the actions of the Eskom Pension Fund Administrators, in approving Mr Molefe’s pension entitlement, without even checking his age, do not reflect well on them.
Brian Molefe was heavily implicated in the Public Protector’s ‘State of Capture’ report and played a leading role in the disintegration of Eskom. His return would be disastrous, as he seems to be deeply embedded in the Guptas’ pockets.
The DA trusts that the court will ensure he does not be entitled to return to Eskom. We will continue to fight for our state-owned enterprises to be led by effective leaders who have the best interest of the public at heart, not those of a corrupt few.