Cape Town working to transform Kalkfontein informal settlement

As part of the Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP), the City of Cape Town will be upgrading the Kalkfontein informal settlement, which includes the provision of toilets, taps, and electricity connections for each of the 833 serviced sites. In addition, each household will receive either a title deed or tenure certificate once the upgrade has been completed.
When a title deed is transferred to residents, it empowers them to pursue economic opportunities by giving them an asset they can leverage to access the formal economy. The sense of ownership provided by title creates a framework where residents feel better able and motivated to improve their space.

We are taking proactive measures to improve the lives of those on the housing database by providing a higher level of basic services to residents as they wait for their opportunity for formal housing, as well as formalising residents’ ownership of the land on which they live.
– Councillor Anda Ntsede Ntsodo

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