#SAACrisis: Billboard must go back up or face legal action

The Democratic Alliance’s legal counsel has written to Primedia Outdoor in order to demand that our billboard, which highlights the ANC-led government’s misuse and abuse of the people’s money, be reinstated by close of business today. Should they fail to reinstate the billboard we will approach the High Court to get judicial adjudication on this matter.
On Monday, 23 October 2017, the billboard was unlawfully removed by Primedia and/or the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), who own the site on which the billboard is mounted.
The reasons for the removal of the billboard appear to be either a punishment for the convening of a lawful and constitutional gathering, and/or concern with the content of the advertisement.  Neither reason can justify PRASA and/or Primedia’s conduct in removing the advertisement.
From the time the DA’s Activists arrived on site to unveil the billboard, PRASA officials became hostile to the extent that they deployed extra security personnel to remove us, despite the fact that we had legal authorisation from the SAPS and JMPD to gather for the event.
It is clear that the ANC has been deeply shaken by truth told by our billboard and have therefore used PRASA as a soldier in their war of hiding the truth from millions of South Africans who pass through Park Station on a daily basis.
The ANC can no longer fight its battles through legitimate means such as offering the people of South Africa with a vision and hope. The DA has already started the work of paving the road towards a new beginning where, inter alia, the people’s money is invested in the economy so that our people can find work and put food on the table.