DA calls on Higher Education Chairperson to subpoena Fee Commission report

President Jacob Zuma has held on to the Fees Commission Report for too long. In fact, he has held onto it for more than 50 days now, while students and institutions of higher learning are forced to hold their breath.
The DA has therefore written to the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training, Connie September, to request that she compels the President or his representative, by means of a subpoena, to produce the Report of the Commission of Enquiry into University Fees to members of the Portfolio Committee as a matter of urgency.
In this regard, the Chairperson is empowered by Section 56 of the Constitution which states that “the National Assembly or any of its committees may summon any person to appear before it to give evidence on oath or affirmation, or to produce documents”.
The delay of the release of this report has far-reaching consequences. Universities are unable to plan the 2018 academic year without knowing what their income will be. Students and their families are equally frustrated by Zuma’s reluctance to release the report as it affects their futures.
Today, the Democratic Alliance Students Organisation and students from the University of Cape Town will march on Parliament to demand the release of the report.
It is vital that the South African public sees this report urgently, as it is bound to contain important recommendations about fee increases. Universities have to set next year’s fees, and Zuma’s inaction will badly affect students who still do not know whether they will be able to afford to go to university and improve their lives.