DA requests urgent meeting with the EFF

The DA notes with great disappointment the decision by the EFF to abscond from the councils of the three metros governed by the opposition party coalitions.
The fact is that in August 2016, the people of South Africa made it clear that they no longer trusted the ANC to govern. The people of our metros voted for a new beginning and placed their trust in opposition parties.
The short-sighted decision by the EFF to stay away from councils has only served to put the power back in the hands of the ANC. Essentially, the EFF is defying the mandate provided to the opposition by millions of voters, a step which seeks to cripple service delivery and job creation where we govern.
The reasons stated for their discontent are unclear.
The DA, together with COPE and the ACDP, acted to remove the former deputy mayor, Mongameli Bobani, after months of consultation with the UDM about his very questionable conduct, which sought to undermine and destroy the coalition agreement.
Mr Bobani has on several occasions voted with the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMB) and against the will of the people. This, in addition to being implicated in corruption within a department in the City he was responsible for.
The DA remains committed to working with other opposition parties, including the UDM. We have continuously stated that, in the interest of the coalition and delivering services to the people of the metro, the UDM should nominate an alternative candidate who will ensure that we can focus on delivering services for the people of NMB.
The residents of these metros made it clear they were rejecting a corrupt ANC government which no longer served them. Therefore, condoning corruption or supporting the ANC, even in the interest of keeping the coalition together, is not an option.
The DA will accordingly request an urgent meeting with the EFF leadership to discuss this matter.
We cannot afford to let internal squabbles subvert the people’s business and undermine the great work that has been done by our coalition governments.
The DA is committed to serving the people who have put their trust in those who can deliver services and we will not waver on our commitment to fulfilling our promise to do so. We trust that the EFF is too.