Ministers mum on Government links with Bell Pottinger

The Ministers of Communications, Police, Public Enterprises and Small Business Development have chosen to remain mum on their links to Bell Pottinger.
The DA submitted a range of Parliamentary questions to all government departments asking them whether they or their entities have made use of the services of Bell Pottinger.
The DA submitted these questions in the interest of transparency, as it is important that the public know the full extent of Bell Pottinger’s relationship with our government.
Of all the departments, which responded to our questions, the Department of Tourism is the only department to confirm their links with the PR firm.
The DA’s questions appeared in Parliament’s questions paper on 26 May 2017 and their replies were due by 9 June 2017.
According to the National Assembly Rule 145(5)(a):“A question for written reply must be replied to within 10 working days, provided that the responsible Minister may in writing request the Speaker for an extension not exceeding a further 10 working days on good cause shown”.
However, none of the four Ministers requested an extension for any of our questions.
Therefore, the utter silence on this matter is highly concerning, especially considering in light of all the information coming to light, seemingly confirming that the ANC government has been captured by the Guptas.
Following the destructive propaganda campaign, Bell Pottinger designed for the Guptas, which saw the PR company exploiting racial divisions in our country, we need to know which departments have been in cahoots with Bell Pottinger and the Guptas.
The hearing into the Bell Pottinger’s behaviour, following a complaint laid by the DA, will be heard by the Public Relations and Communications Association in London on 18th of August 2017.
The DA is determined to ensure that Bell Pottinger, not only accounts but commits to reinvesting any profits from their dealings with the Guptas back to South Africa.