State Capture Inquiry must proceed in Parliament

The DA notes that the ANC has today agreed that an Inquiry into State Capture is needed, after the slew of damning ANC-Gupta emails leaked this week.
The DA believes that it is deeply disingenuous that the ANC is calling for an inquiry into the capture of its own government. There have been numerous opportunities for the ANC to take action against its captured President and its Gupta captors, but it has not done so.
The ANC has proved through its inaction that South Africa does not solely have a Zuma or Gupta problem, but an ANC problem.
On Monday the DA announced our call for a full-scale inquiry into state capture, through an Ad-Hoc Committee in Parliament.
We believe in light of this week’s most damning slew of evidence of state capture by the Guptas and the ANC, that the Parliamentary Inquiry we have called for must proceed urgently. Parliament is mandated by the Constitution to hold the captured ANC Executive to account, and must do so.
The DA’s request to constitute an Ad-Hoc Committee is currently with National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete, and we await agreement from Parliament to put the matter before the National Assembly for approval. The Speaker must not delay the formation of this Ad-Hoc Committee.
On the basis of the ANC’s statement today we expect that the ANC will fully support our call for a Parliamentary Inquiry, and we expect ANC MP’s to vote for the Ad-Hoc Committee.
We believe that the Ad-Hoc Committee in Parliament can only get to the bottom of the overwhelming evidence of State Capture through summoning the Guptas, Jacob Zuma and all implicated Ministers to give testimony.