Public Protector agrees to DA’s request to investigate Minister Lynne Brown

The DA can confirm that the Public Protector’s office will be investigating Minister Lynne Brown for possibly violating the Executive Members’ Ethics Code, following a request by the DA.
The DA welcomes this investigation by the Public Protector, as it will go a long way towards holding the Minister to account.
Minister Brown seemingly failed to divulge if there had been contracts of engagement between Eskom and the Gupta-linked Trillian, in a written reply to a DA parliamentary question.
AmaBhungane has now, however, established that Eskom had, at the time of the reply, already been invoiced by the either Trillian or one of its subsidiaries for more than R250 million.
These findings were also confirmed in an explosive report released yesterday, which established that Eskom had indeed paid Trillian R260 million for work it never did. This report provides further proof of the Minister’s apparent breach of the Ethic’s Code.
The Public Protector’s investigation is an indictment of how the Guptas have completely captured Eskom.
The Minister’s failing leadership saw to this capture of Eskom. Our state-owned enterprises have become a haven for the Guptas to loot and plunder the public’s money.
The DA will continue to stand up and fight against the Guptas’ and ANC’s corruption so that it can be brought to an end.