President Zuma must tomorrow break his silence on ANC-created economic recession

It has now been over two weeks since South Africa’s economy entered a formal recession, following two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. President Zuma has yet to formally address Parliament and the nation on the matter, and has failed to provide a concrete plan to counteract the recession and its devastating effects on the lives of every South African. We are once again left leaderless when it comes to the economy and to job creation.
The President cannot sit back and watch while our economy tanks, and the 9.3 million jobless South Africans are left without hope of ever finding work. The knock-on effects of the recession will see the cost of food, transport, and everyday living expenses skyrocket, with the poor suffering the most. As head of government, the President must act with haste, and provide South Africa with a clear and workable plan to reverse the effects of the recession and get our economy working.
I have therefore today written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, requesting that an urgent oral question to the President be added to tomorrow’s Order Paper, in terms of Rule 141 of the National Assembly Rules.
Tomorrow, when President Zuma appears in Parliament to answer questions, I will look to ask him the following question:
In light of South Africa’s economy entering a formal recession on 6 June 2017, and in light of the fact that you have yet to address this House, or make an official public statement on the matter, (a) what is your official response to the recession and (b) which specific sectors of the economy will Government be targeting as part of its plan to mitigate the economic damage caused by the recession and to reignite economic growth in South Africa?
The economic woes of South Africa cannot be covered up by foreign PR agencies, or blamed on certain segments of society. The current economic mess is ANC-created and ANC-sustained. President Zuma must either shoulder this burden and act decisively, or step aside.
Our nation desperately requires leadership that understands the economy, and appreciates that without a strong, thriving, and inclusive economy we will never address the injustices of our past. In order to achieve a united, non-racial and prosperous nation, South Africa needs a growing economy which creates jobs, opportunity and wealth for all.