DA’s Molefe review will proceed after latest Labour Court challenge

The Democratic Alliance’s application to review Mr Brian Molefe’s inexplicable reappointment to Eskom as Group Chief Executive Officer, will proceed, even if Mr Molefe’s latest Labour Court urgent application succeeds.
An order will be taken in the North Gauteng High Court tomorrow, by agreement, that Mr Molefe will not attend at the Eskom head office, or at any of the Eskom sites, for the purposes of performing any duties, subject to the completion of Mr Molefe’s Labour Court matter, where after our review application will be set down for hearing. We intend to intervene in the Labour Court proceedings at once.
Mr Molefe’s Labour Court case is based on the belief that his reappointment to Eskom on 11 May 2017 was a rational decision for the Eskom Board to make, but the DA contends that it was certainly not.
We view Mr Molefe’s urgent Labour Court action as nothing more than desperation. No doubt Mr Molefe’s cronies at Saxonwold were very unhappy that their man-in-Eskom is on his way out.
After damning allegations of Gupta capture, evidence of reckless governance and clear political agendas, we believe Mr Molefe is entirely inappropriate to serve as GCEO of Eskom. His return to Eskom was irrational and it flew in the face of good governance at the power utility.
The DA believes that South Africa deserves better than the cohort of pliable senior officials, installed by Jacob Zuma’s ANC, to plunder our state-owned entities for their own selfish gain, at public expense.

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