ANC jobs bloodbath continues

The rise of the unemployment rate to 27.7% is a damning indictment of how the ANC has prioritised the looting of our country over the creation of jobs for the more than 9.3 million unemployed South Africans.
The project of all-out state capture by the ANC-Gupta cabal has resulted in more and more South Africans losing their jobs because of our economy being decimated and now recently downgraded to junk status.
It is clear for all to see: The ANC acts on the Guptas instructions, devastating our economy, and now 9,3 million people remain without work.
The official unemployment rate has gone up to 27.7 % – this is the highest level since March 2003. This is the first time in 14 years that our country’s unemployment rate has risen to such a devastating level.
The ANC’s jobs bloodbath is continuing and showing no signs of coming to an end.
Our country is being governed by a shadow Mafia state operating from Saxonwold. There is simply no way to expect jobs growth in an economy that is tanking under Zuma’s ANC.
However, the DA-governed Western Cape has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. This is the DA difference. Where the DA governs we create jobs.
In fact the Western Cape added 67 000 new jobs during this period, showing that the DA’s efforts to grow investment and create jobs are reaping rewards.
The ANC has failed our people. In 2019, the people of South Africa can put a stop to this destruction and vote the ANC out of power.