South Africa must take cybercrime seriously

Honourable Speaker
Honourable Minister
Members of Parliament
Met die swak leierskap deur die President geopenbaar, het dit ongeveer 2 jaar geneem om die pos van Inspekteur Generaal van Intelligensie in die Department van Intelligensie aan te stel.
Die vertraging het meegebring dat belangrike sake rakende intelligensie nie met dringendheid aangespreek kon word nie. Dit het Suid-Afrika ook op die agtervoet geplaas ten opsigte van ander lande.
South Africa suffered the most cyber-attacks on the African continent in just over one year, in 2014, with losses alone estimated at about R50 billion.
The private sector and government are not taking these threats seriously enough.
Cybercrime often goes unreported but research has found that it is growing rapidly.
The Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Bill is due to be processed by Parliament this year, which will allow the public to give input into the issue when it is opened for comment.
South African law enforcement agencies are poorly equipped to prosecute the perpetrators of cyber-attacks, whether they are locally or internationally based.
Wêreldwyd is kuberbedreiging beslis die belangrikste aspek van enige land se veiligheid. Met die druk van n knoppie kan ‘n land en sy mense duisende kilometer verder in gevaar gestel, of uitegewis word.
Illegal mining is a further ongoing concern across South Africa and the African continent.
With neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and 2500km sea line we need a most effective management and border security system.
Borders and their control has become one of the most hotly debated issues around the world over the last few years.
Immigration concerns led to the two major political events of 2016: BREXIT and Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States.
In South Africa we must address concerns over our borders.
The South African-Zimbabwean border must be addressed. If you want to bring something across the border, it is wide open.
Drug trafficking over the borders is also a serious concern.
South African police confiscated heroin to the value of R100 million shortly after the vehicle carrying it passed through the Golela border post from Mozambique.
President Jacob Zuma mentioned in his speech on Freedom Day that there is a lack of collaboration on efforts to defeat cross-border crime and criminals were taking advantage of this lack of coordination.
Safety at OR Tambo International Airport in Gauteng has been severely comprised in the past few months with reports of criminal activity on the increase.
South Africa has lost millions in revenue as a result.
To improve passenger security and speed up to process of moving through checkpoints, airports need to upgrade their systems.
While drones offer great promise to the benefit of society, the ability to detect and control the improper or illegal use is a critical requirement for public safety, privacy and security.
Hommeltuie en hul operateurs neem vinniger toe as wat die lugvaart owerheid lisensies kan uitreik. Die problem met onwettige hommeltuie is dat dit moeilik is om die operateurs op te spoor.
Suid-Afrika is een van die eerste lande wat wetgewing ingestel het om hommeltuie te reguleer.
Aan die begin van 2017 was daar reeds 465 geregistreerde hommeltuie teenoor 216 in die vorige jaar.
Nasionale sleutelpunte, reservate, vlieg in slegte weer, besope operateurs en vlieg buite sigafstand is verbode.
Individue wat die wet verontagsaam moet vervolging te wagte wees.
In conclusion we can say that due to a failure to keep up with rapid technological advances, as well as a lack of trust between the JSCI committee and the President, the Minister and the different intelligence sectors, this department is not in a state to protect South Africa optimally.
I thank you