Molefe Payout: Eskom board's new proposal to Brown must be R0.00

The DA welcomes Public Enterprises Minister Lynn Brown’s rejection of an exorbitant and unjustified R30 million golden handshake “pension” payout to the disgraced Brian Molefe.
Indeed, after leaving Eskom under the most swirling clouds of state capture allegations, and close collusion with the Guptas, and then being rewarded with an ANC seat as a member of parliament, Mr. Molefe does not deserve one further Rand from the public purse.
The DA calls upon the Eskom board to revert to Minister Brown with a new proposal for Brian Molefe’s golden handshake to be R0.00
Saving over R30 million at Eskom would be a boost to the finances of the utility, at a much-needed time.
Eskom continues to be embroiled in a sequence of very alarming scandals, and a full clean up of the entity is needed. We hope that Minister Brown will use the new backbone she has found to reject Molefe’s massive payout, to take actions against other wrongdoing at Eskom too.
She must immediately release the full Denton Report, and sack those who are corrupting Eskom. Minister Brown would also do well to take a stand against the nepotism scandal between Eskom acting CEO Matshela Koko, his stepdaughter, and the shocking payment of R1,7 million directly to the ANC as a “donation.”
Brian Molefe does not deserve anything further from Eskom, and it is high time the Minister got management and leadership at the utility in order.