Social Grants Crisis: Dlamini’s own lawyer admits she failed

Today, Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini’s, legal counsel admitted before the Constitutional Court that Dlamini “was remiss” in handling the process to take over the distribution of social grants to 17 million poor and vulnerable beneficiaries.
The DA believes that Dlamini manufactured this crisis to force the extension of the invalid contract between SASSA and CPS, and now with only 16 days left until the expiration of the contract, the country remains unsure how beneficiaries will be paid.
Dlamini must be fired with immediate effect for causing the crisis. She is an embarrassment to our country and her remaining in office is an insult to the poor.
The DA has continuously called on the President to remove Minister Dlamini, however, Zuma continues to protect her because she is a key member of his “Defence League” that helps him remain in power.
The more the ANC protects Dlamini, the clearer it becomes that the ANC protects those who disregard the poor and vulnerable.
Tomorrow, I will outline steps the DA will take to hold her and the ANC government accountable for the mess they have created.
It is time for Parliament to send a loud and clear message that this contempt for the poor will not be tolerated for a minute longer.